I dreamt of having my own dog for year’s and on October 6, 2017 my dream came true!

Growing up I did not have the best experiences with dog’s. Many of my interactions were either of me being bit by a dog, or almost being bit by a dog. Which explains why I have been more of a cat person growing up.  As time went on I found it is fun and challenging to train other people’s dog’s. I love a good challenge and am definitely a goal digger. Once my mind is made up it is very hard to stop me. Which has been very helpful in life thus far, but like everything there is good and bad that comes with that…. Back to Penny!

First off, I knew I wanted a Golden Retriever because they’re literally the sweetest and cutest dog’s on the planet! Second part of finding a dog was to  convince my husband it was a wonderful idea and that our life won’t be complete without them. That was a tough, but my husband is the sweetest ever so he said yes!  I am beyond blessed to have him as my partner in crime and the Father of our fur babies:)

After coming into agreement that we were ready to care for a dog and have them join our family, the search began! I started researching local shelters, nothing. I looked into out of state shelters and a lot of them required that you live in the same state as the dog was currently in. I found a couple of dog’s in OR, but you had to get the brother and sister together. Which makes perfect sense and I would’ve been happy to do that if we had the space but, we don’t unfortunately.  Then I found another dog who was part golden, part mutt but hated cats… We have 1 cat named, Nova scotia who is a rescue and has his own issues. Which brought on the search for a local breeder.  When I say local I mean 5 ish hours away in the butt crack of Oregon.  My number one desire in a dog was for them to be really healthy and smart. Golden retrievers are known to have  a lot of health issues as it is and so I wanted to be off to a great start with a healthy dog. Granted anything could happen but, I didn’t want a mass produced puppy who was bred to make an extra buck.  Which is how I went about finding Sunset Golden’s of Oregon. This breeder loves her dogs a LOT! She raises field golden retrievers for hunting, show, services dogs, and pets. I loved the idea of getting a field golden puppy who was bred to work! I planned on training our new puppy to be the most obedient dog my husband had ever seen! haha okay well, lets just say obedient.

Sunset Goldens did a great job with providing us a smart and cute pupster, but the road to getting her was a roller coaster ride! But that’s a story in itself.

We were last on the waiting list but Penny was my first choice out of all the pups. Which was freakin awesome that even though we didn’t actually get to choose her, God chose her for us!

The time had come and we drove to Oregon to pick up Penny from the breeder.  Not even 10 minutes into the car ride home Penny peed all over her stinky blanket. It had begun, we’re puppy parents!!!

Thankfully the first week home with her I had taken the week off of work. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t had those very difficult 7 day’s off with her. They were literally so exhausting!!! I was freaking out about how much work she was and I felt so sad for her because she was just under 7 weeks and in a new scary place without her mom and siblings. It was tough… Our original plan was to pick her up at 8 weeks, but her mom was 1 week late with giving birth. So we just went for it!

First week is definitely the worst, after that your like holy toledo this is crazy that you are a baby and need a LOT of attention and help. Granted everyone will tell you puppies are a lot of work, but it’s just one of those thing’s I had to “experience” before I fully knew what I was getting myself into.  I definitely cried, lol totally true!! I also probably would’ve given her away if you would’ve asked me during that first week. Thankfully I stuck with it and drilled our veterinarian with questions at her first check up, she is great! She reassured me that what we were doing and where we were at with Penny’s training was right on track! That was a huge relief!! She was also impressed with her bladder control, yay Penny!  Penny is my dog, yes it’s our family dog but if I mess her up its on me! Hence the whole challenge thing, I like to push myself to grow, especially if it’s something I’ve never done before.

Fast forward 8 weeks and Penny is 26lbs and thriving on life! She is about to complete her last puppy preschool class and will be getting her picture taken with Santa Claus this Saturday! She has been a lot of work, but such a joy to come home to and play with.

Some of the trick’s that she has learned so far are sit, stay, come, down, roll over, spin, shake, high five, fetch, and she’s working on catching treats in her mouth. I just want her to be the best and have the most wonderful life a Golden Retriever can have!


Our Furry baby, Penny at 7 week’s old.


Penny poo at 14 week’s. #Brotank

December Challenge: water intake

Robb Wolf said it best! “with water, my wacky suggestion is to drink when you’re thirsty, and to stop when you’re not.” -From the book Wired To Eat by Robb Wolf.

Makes sense, but what is the challenge in that? The challenge is to have water readily available to drink anytime your body says hey, I could use a drink. It’s your job to listen and fuel your body with what it’s asking for.

The human body is so amazing and gives us signs as to what it needs, when it needs it. We just have to listen. THAT my friends is the challenge! Listen to your bodies signals.


Product Review: Cashew Milk


Forager Project Organic Cashew Milk (DF/GF/SF/Gum free)

I lovvve coffee! I love coffee even more when it is swimming in whole milk! If only my body loved it as much as my taste buds do!  Hence what has brought on my search for the perfect dairy-free milk for my coffee! The hardest part for me about DF milks are the lack of foam that they make. I love foam of my coffee. There is just something that makes your coffee more of an indulgence. I don’t know about you but I live for morning’s because, morning time means coffee time!!


As you can see in the above photo from my morning coffee, the cashew milk does get a little frothy. It does not taste sweet at all. The 4g of sugar is not added sugar, it comes from the dates. It is a light flavored milk, not thick or rich. You can really taste the coffee through the milk..If that makes sense!   Overall, for a dairy free milk I like it and will definitely be keeping it on hand for my morning latte. With that being said I am still going to continue my search for the next bomb paleo coffee mate!

Nutrion facts per 8 fl. oz: Calories 90 / Fat 4.5g / Carbs 10g / Protein 2g / Fiber 1g / Sugar 4g Ingredients: Cashew milk, water, dates, cassava root, natural flavor, gluten-free oats, vegan cultured dextrose, vanilla extract, and sea salt.

I found this Cashew milk at my local Whole Foods Market. It was on sale for $4.99 for a 48 oz. bottle. (Regularly $5.99)

Have you tried this DF Cashew milk before?

What is your favorite way to make your morning cup of coffee?

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This month I turned 29…

IMG_2797Turning 29 was awesome! I literally celebrated my birthday all month long it was almost unfair. My MIL whom I adore came and stayed with us for a week, which was so bomb to have her here with us for some QT.

This birthday was one of those birthdays that you feel so loved from your friends and family that you can’t help but smile. It brought so much joy to me and I just hope I am able to share that with others by making sure they feel loved on just an ordinary day.

Almost being 30 is funny. Funny is my filler word I like to fill with:) But really its one of those ages that can freak you out if you let it. I try not to get caught up with what I “should” have or “should” be doing at this stage in life. Cause thats no fun! Its my life and I only get one so I’m gonna enjoy it!

Welcome to my blog!

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I am happy your lovely face is here! My goal with this blog is to share delicious recipes with you, along with my latest life obsessions and everything you ever wanted to know about my beloved golden retriever, Penny!